Protection 1st

Protection 1st

Buy Protection 1st Furniture Insurance for Accidental Damage Repair

In your typical hectic household, Protection 1st furniture insurance is a sound choice to keep homes looking their best. Your new pieces and sets from Furniture Distributors are well made, meant for heavy family use, but we’ve all had mishaps that need a little help. Choose from among three insurance plans through us for selected store items: from the least expensive Pro1st Ultra Lite Plan for purchases up to $499 to the Combo Plan covering up to $10,000 worth of furniture and case goods.

What Protection 1st Furniture Insurance Does for You

Unlike manufacturers’ warranties, Protection 1st furniture insurance lasts longer than a year and, best of all, covers accidental damage of many kinds. If your upholstery or rug is stained or ripped, or even if your frame is broken, this company’s on it. It’s so generous it even covers annoying damage such as water rings on wood. And if Protection 1st can’t salvage your piece, it will give you a check for the purchase price! All you’ve got to do is report the damage within 30 days, and have your receipt and plan number.

Benefit of Having Protection 1st Furniture Insurance for Your Purchase

With affordable Protection 1st furniture insurance, you will have the security of knowing your furniture from us will be replaced if experts are not able to take care of your covered accident. If you realize you’re not a spot or stain-removal expert, Protection 1st’s customer service experts will offer you products, tips, and support for taking care of many accidents yourself! Life’s too short to worry about possible accidents, and with Protection 1st furniture insurance, you don’t have to! Just let them know what happened, and THEY’LL do the dirty work for you! Having this protection will save you dollars in the long run. Just one technician repair, part, or piece replacement easily makes up for the price of the plan. You know you’ll have your furniture longer than a year. Protection-plan coverage will help with certain problems beyond the standard manufacturer’s one-year warranty. When you sign up for Protection 1st furniture insurance, you can get help when you need it! This is in the form of live, fast, and friendly service from the company’s experts. File your claim on the web or by email.

Life happens, so Protection 1st furniture plans are a logical choice to keep your pieces looking new. Check it out when you buy your next piece or set at our Camp Lejeune, NC store or other locations. Come in on and ask us for more details about this awesome coverage worth the peace of mind.