Employee Spotlight

Leigh Anne Poplin, Credit Manager, is a dedicated employee who cares deeply about Furniture Distributors and its customers. Leigh Anne is a veteran employee who still strives every day to serve all our customers to the best of her ability. 

Some of her hobbies include boating, fishing, spending time with her family and friends, cooking and making people smile; when she’s not working hard to assist everyone who visits our Havelock location.

When asked what she likes most about working here she said: 

"Our friendly staff and coming to work, having the trust and comfort of a family with everyone I work with."   

We also asked her  what she thinks are important qualities in a employee: 

"A good employee needs to be trustworthy, honest, motivated, caring, intelligent, compassionate, good communication skills and have an excellent attention to detail."

Leigh Anne is a trusted and valued member of our Furniture Distributors family who can always be counted on to have a smile and a kind word even while managing several tasks at a time. She is an extension of the warm and friendly service, we strive to give all of our Furniture Distributors customers. We truly value the job Leigh Anne does; she is one of a kind! 

Furniture store employee