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  • Home Accents

Accessorize with Attractive Home Accent Furniture for MUCH Less!

Here’s why accent furniture and accessories are worth shopping for. So you’ve got your room ALMOST completely filled with awesome home furniture. But something STILL seems a bit off. Fortunately you don’t need a designer’s credentials or mastery of feng shui to come up with your answer. And at Furniture Distributors’ always affordable North Carolina stores, nor do you need a TV makeover show’s budget! We’ve become the state’s watchword for fantastic furniture deals including price matching. That means hardworking households like yours CAN’T lose by shopping SMART with us! From attractive floor lamps to area rugs, we can fill a bare corner or wall just like that and with LOTS of cash to spare! Let’s take a glance at how Furniture Distributors’ home accents will fulfill YOUR interior design dream.

Lovely Accent Cabinets: Rotate Displays

If you’re like our family, you need at LEAST one fine accent cabinet to display your many years of framed photos and keepsakes, from antiques to sentimental souvenirs of treasured family vacations and holidays. One designer’s trick to avoid clutter is to rotate your mementos by season or theme. One of our most popular accent consoles does this beautifully. This understated piece has two tones, natural wood plus aged white on the three intricate floral-patterned doors. Inside, three shelves await to store your out-of-season items.

Fine Accent Lamps: Let There Be Light!

You don’t have to put up with a dark corner thanks to lovely accent lamps of all sizes at Furniture Distributors! Consider one of our top-selling floor lamps. A glass ball hangs gracefully from an antique-looking brass frame. With a 60-watt bulb providing soft light, this accent lamp is just the thing for mood-setting or a reading nook in your room.

Intriguing Accent Wall Art: Many Styles for Different Tastes

Got a big room that needs wall art to fill up dead space? Furniture Distributors’ design mavens are here to help with a fascinating selection. Whether you prefer English pastoral scenes to go with your colonial-style house or something ultramodern and exciting, our assortment of prints and paintings is at your service.

With more than 1200 accent furniture and accessory pieces to choose from, you’re SURE to find what you need. Stop by any of our North Carolina furniture stores including our Greenville, NC showroom to see how easy AND fun it is!