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Jackson Furniture: Making Living Rooms Fun Again

When was the last time you really enjoyed your living room furniture? Is it a bit battered after the onslaught of repeated moves between billets, excited kids and dogs, and inevitable spills and other mishaps? If you’ve come to despair of ever being able to have nice things again, in comes Jackson furniture to the rescue, upending your expectations. Whether you’re an E-2, an O-6, or living the lives of the rich and famous, you have the right to affordable living room furniture and wow, does Jackson deliver!

Redefining Comfort: Jackson Living Room Chairs

With stationary sofas and chairs sporting state-of-the-art foam, extra-thick cushions and Comfort Coils swathed in bright, easy-care polyester, it’s no wonder that Jackson living room furniture is an undisputed winner in its category. For example, you’ll understand once you try sitting in one of our hot-selling Jackson swivel chairs. This baby is the most finely engineered piece in its collection, remaining simple and inviting in its look and touch but with some much appreciated refinements such as a modified wing back and flare tapered arms. Welt cord trim graces its seam edges. Measuring 35 inches wide, this relaxing chair will fit in most rooms. Sink your tired self into its deep seat and you’ll feel the Jackson difference!

Multi-Use Jackson Cocktail Ottomans

What if your living room parties are so unpredictable that you’ll need extra seating one moment, then an extra surface for plates and glasses the next? Jackson cocktail ottomans are your ready-made solution! Our customer favorite is clothed in bonded leather for extra strength and has added visual appeal thanks to its baseball-style contrast stitching. Choose large (51 by 51 inches) and small (40 by 40) sizes.

A Pattern and Texture for Any Room: Jackson Accent Rugs

When your furniture essentials are in the room but there’s still a bare or out-of-balance spot, a Jackson accent rug does the trick every time. Enjoy luxurious tufted wool on a rug 5 by 8 feet in a myriad of beautiful pattern choices including abstract shapes and neutral colors as well as bold, depending on the mood you’d like.

To see what Jackson furniture has to offer for your living room makeover, check out the links on this page, then visit our Camp Lejeune, NC store or any of our other locations.